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Everything, anything, can be explained through a science that lurks in the nature. Through TATVA, we will discover the science behind materials, elements, their origins, their extraction, their applications. A series of tests will be put forward as challenges in front of the participants to test their knowledge in the field of metallurgy and material sciences.
The event will proceed follows:

Day-1 (Screening)

All the registered teams will participate. A team can have a 2 or 3 members.

Round-1: Material Science Vocabulary Test:-

• Participants will be presented with crosswords puzzles.
• No negative markings
• Number of questions asked-->20

Round-2: Table Top Quiz Round:-

• A series of questions will be presented to all the participating teams and the answers will be recorded on the paper by one of the team members.
• +2 for each correct answer.
• -1 for each wrong answer.
• Number of questions asked--->30

Day-2 (Tatva Main Event):-

Six teams from the screening round will qualify for the Tatva main event
. Day-2 will have 4 rounds in a span of 1 hours 30 minutes.

Round-1: (Video Round):-

• A 10 seconds video clip will be shown to each team and a question will be asked based on that clip.
• Each correct answer carries 20 marks.
• If a team fails to answer the question prompted to them, the question will not be passed to any other team.
• No negative markings.

Round-2: (Crack The Clue):-

• Each team will be presented with a question.
• Hints can be asked for. Every time a hint is asked for, the reward of the question decreases.
• Without Clue-----------> 40 marks
• 1st clue---------------> 30 marks
• 2nd clue---------------> 20 marks
• 3rd Clue---------------> 10 marks
• Once a clue has been asked for, the teams will be awarded negative points in case of no or wrong answer.

Round-3 (Color Lottery):-

• Colours will be shown on the screen. Each colour will have a specific question and specific points hidden behind it.
• There will be four bonus colours with extra marks hidden behind them.
• There is no negative marking for ordinary colours which carry a question of 10 marks
• Bonus colours carry questions with 40 marks but there will be a risk of losing 10 points in case of wrong answer.
• Bonus questions cannot be passed.

Round-4: (Wipeout Round):-

• 10 consecutive questions will be asked to each team.
• Every question will carry 10 marks.
• Teams can decide to skip a question but in case of a wrong answer all the marks obtained via previous questions of the round will be wiped out.

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