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Event 1: Full Throttle

The ECE department of UIET brings the first event of Robotics that will make the robots race against each other.
• Robot must be wireless and move on wheels. The bot must not jump over any area of the arena.
• Dimensions of the bot(40x40x15) cm
• The arena will consist of different obstacles (concrete, mud, water, fire, sharp turns, and narrow straits). The obstacles will be placed with the maximum size of the bots in consideration.
• The bots must have a DC motor and must work on a DC battery.
• Only team registration will be entertained.
• A team must comprise of 5-7 members.
Game Play:
• Robots will have to cross the arena in the minimum possible time.
• If the robot causes any type of destruction in the arena, the participant will be disqualified.
The decision of the coordinators and the judges will be final.
• Ganesh Shankar Bhandari--------> 9044899925
• Tanishka Shukla---------------------> 9554934070

Event2: Robo Bricks:

• The event will comprise of a simple game of pick and place with just one exception, your bot has to do it.
• Robots have to pick square and round shaped structures from one side of the arena to the other side avoiding all the hurdles.
• The structures must be placed in such a way that they form the given design.
• The robot can be wired or wireless.
• The robot must move in the arena using miniature tank tracks (chained wheels).
• Robots must not skip any area on the arena
• Robots must not damage the arena in any manner. In case the robot damages the arena, the participant will be disqualified.
• Maximum size of the robot must be in dimensions of 35x35x40 cm
• Only team registrations will be entertained
• A team may comprise of 5-7 members
There will be two rounds:
1. Knockout round
2. Final round
Each team will be allotted a time limit to finish the task.
• Amar Singh--------------->9554944070
• Ram Singh Patel--------->7753987793

Event3: Robo Soccer (Robo Cup)

‘Watch the bots create “o jogo bonito”’
It is basically a soccer/ football that will be played between two teams for a finite time.
• Each team can have a maximum of 5-7 members
• Each team must have three bots: Two small (players), One big (goal keeper)
• The goal keeper must be efficient enough to destroy the opponent player bots that arrive towards the goal
• Dimension of the small bots must be 15x15x15cm
• Dimensions of the big (goalkeeper) bots must be 60x60x60 cm
• Weight limit for the player bot and the goalkeeper bot must be 2 kg and 30 kg respectively
Game Play:
There will be two rounds
• Knockout round
• Final round
1. Each gameplay will be of 5 minutes.
2. Points will be given according to the no. of goals and destruction made by the goalkeeper to the opponent team bots.
• Ankur Raj------------>9554934070
• Shrishti Singh

Event4: Grid Explorer (Line Following Robot)

The bot will be a LFR (Line Following Robot) that has to follow a given design of black line on white background.
• The bot has to be line follower
• Bot has to follow black line on a white background
• In case the bot loses the grid, the participant will be disqualified
• In case all the participants lose the grid, the participant whose bot will cover the maximum distance without distraction will be declared as the winner
• Only team registrations will be entertained
• A team must comprise of 4-5 members
Game Play:
• Bot completing the given grid of black line over a white background in the minimum time will be the winner.
Registration fees: Rs 70/- per head
• Ashutosh Mishra
• Aparna Maurya

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