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Pioneers event is about startup idea. Participants get their hands dirty and put theories to the test by collaborating with like-minded. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about framing the idea—it’s about the how to achieve that idea ,it’s about the right team that solve real-world problems, This Event will select the best one who can actually launch a startup!


There will be two rounds; participants selected in round1will pitch their idea in second round.


Hardcopy of idea has to be submitted by participants on/before 19th November.
Idea may be presented by from any category mentioned below-
o Developer-
Ruby On Rails , PHP ,Google Developers ,Java developers ,.NET , CSS, Android Developer, iPhone Developer, iPad Developer, Python , JQuery, Drupal, Django, Silverlight, Dreamweaver, HTML, WordPress, Cloud Computing Web Design / Refresh
o Designer
o Business/non-technical
A participant may have different idea from above mentioned category.


Teams form organically around the ideas and the selected team will carry on 2nd round.
Maximum Four teams from the 1st round will qualify for the Pioneer main event.
Participants have to pitch their idea to judges.
Maximum time each participating team/individual can take-20min.
Total time duration for 4 teams-1hr 20min

Event Judging Criteria:

The idea will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
o Customer Validation :
Are teams building something that people actually want? How well does the team understand their customer.
their customer’s needs?
o Execution and Design
Have they established a minimum viable product , such as software or hardware, etc.? Did they build the minimum set of features needed to start collecting data? Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Were they able to demo something functional?
o Business Model Validation
How does the team plan on making this a successful business? Have they thought about (either solved or identified problems) competition, how to scale, acquiring customers, their revenue model etc? How will they acquire their first 100 customers?

Rules and Guidelines:

• Idea should be presented in A4 sheet can be hand written or printed.
• The idea should not be more than 750 words( 3 A4 sheets).
• Team size 1-3
• The content should not contain or promote any kind of unethical behavior.
• A team/participant can submit more than one idea but must be registered separately.
• Originality will be appreciated
• The idea must be submitted before or at 5:00 PM on 19th November, Thursday.
• Presentation at/on 19th November, Friday.
• venue- IT seminar hall.
• participant may use PPT slides for presentation.
• The decision of the event coordinators and the judges will be final.


Attractive Prize money and Winning certificate

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