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Hitz will test your mansa and vatcha , two of the three pillars of a healthy personality. Participants will go through a series of filtering challenges including group discussions and personal interviews. HITZ requires the participants to hone their communication skills in order to claim the title of Mr./Ms. HITZ.

Round-1 (Introduction and Group Discussion):

• A brief introduction in 5 lines in which the candidate has to describe their own self .
• A round of group discussions (5 candidates at a time).
• Filtration will be done by the coordinating team.

Criterion of Filtration:

• Credit point to the candidate who initiates the discussion
• Logics and facts
• Clarity of speech, postures, selection of words, temperament.

Round-2 (Situation and Reaction):

• 10 Girls and 10 Boys will be filtered after round-1
• A situation will be given to each candidate to which they will be supposed to give a tactful and feasible reaction.

Round-3 (Personal Interview):

This being the final deciding round, will be judged by the panel composing of faculty members only.

Proposed panel

• Mr. Puneet Malhotra


The winners will be awarded the title of Mr.Hitz and Ms.Hitz.
Attractive Cash prizes to both winners with certificate of excellence and sash with gift hampers.


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