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Code Trek


Code Trek

Code-Trek is the programming Contest of UIET Kanpur, organized by the TechMart team. It is a prestigious programming contest where each coder whacks his brain to code solutions to the given problems. It is the place where optimization and proficiency matters, skills matter, hard work matters, trying till the very end matters and winning loads of cash prizes matter.

Event Proceedings:

Code-Trek is an on-the-spot programming competition. The event unfolds in 2 rounds:

I Round:

• A preliminary written round to test your basic programming skills.
• The test paper will consist of Aptitude and basic Coding questions.

II Round:

• Qualified teams can participate in this round only.
• This round will consist of a practical competition in CSE Advanced Lab

Rules and Regulations:

• A team can consist of at most 3 members. • Only teams of which all members are students currently registered in a university shall be eligible for prizes. However, non-students are also welcome to participate.
• Top 10 teams will qualify for the II round.
• Permissible languages are C, C++, Pascal, Python and Java.
• Compilers to be used: gcc-4.3.2 for C, g++-4.3.2 for C++, fpc-2.2.4 for pascal, python-2.5 for Python and javac-1.6.0_12 for Java.

Judgement Criteria:

• Solutions have to give the correct output for all the test data for a given problem to be deemed correct. There is no partial credit.
• Any team found to be indulging in any form of malpractice will be immediately disqualified.
• The decision of the organizers in declaring the results will be final. No queries in this regard will be entertained.


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