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AD-WAR requires the participants to be creative and develop a marketing strategy for a product of their choice. Students will perform an advertisement and thus present their advertising idea. The best idea will bag the title of the ADKING.


Team of 3-6 members will present their product and convince through their act showing how powerful is their salability quotient. They must show a product in the act relating to their object of portrayal.
The maximum time that will be allotted to each team for their act is 5 minutes.


The teams that are selected move forward to this round comprises of viva slogan round. Each team will be asked 10-15 slogans. The best 6 teams of Round-II will move to Round-III. In case of a tie, a tie-breaker slogan will be asked, and the team that answers first moves to the next round. In case the team that answers first, do so incorrectly, the other team advances. A maximum time of 30 seconds will be given to the teams for each question. If the team fails to answer the question within the given time limit, the question will pass.


The best 6 teams that enter the final round will be given a product impromptu. They will be given a preparation time of 20 minutes to prepare their act. The act must have a runtime of 3-5 minutes. The teams that fail to report with their act within the 20 minutes prep time will be disqualified.
The teams that fail to reach the venue will also be disqualified. The judges will decide the Top 3 winners from the acts that are presented in the final round.


1st Prize: A shield will be awarded to the team leader. Certificates to each member with cash prize.
2nd prize: A silver medal and certificate to each members of the team with Cash prize.
3rd prize: A bronze medal and certificate to each members of the team with cash prizes.


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